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Training and
behaviour consultation

Private consultation, group classes, lectures and events for dogs and their owners


Health care and treatment

Health care for dogs,

cats and other animals


Home holiday care

Holiday care for your dog

for a day,
a week, 
or longer

All services are planned and carried out based on the pet, and its family's individual needs.
The aim for all training is a happy animal and a happy owner.
Majority of the training is targeted to dogs, but I offer training and behavioural consultation for cats too.
(Ask about about other animal species, I am happy to help based on my knowledge and skills!)


All training will be held in Finnish or English.

  • Consultation for dogs with problematic behaviour.
    In behaviour consultation we map the reasons for the dogs behaviour and treat the situation as a whole,
    which often means re-planning everyday life routines and modification of environment as well as training. 
    Price 90 € / consultation + km fee 0,50€/km (from Loviisa). 


  • Online consultation with video call (skype or similar) when face to face meetings are not practicable.
    Price 70 € / consultation 

    Practical training after first consultation 35 € / 30min and 65€ / 60min


  • Private training 
    Private training can include everyday obedience, training for one specific behaviour,
    or for example enrichment and mental stimulation for the dogs individual needs. 
    Price 65 €/ h + km fee 0,50 € / km (from Loviisa).

  • Group classes

    Inside classes are on a break at the moment due to Covid restrictions. (Further details on Facebook as the situation changes) 


  • Lectures
    Lectures for groups, dog clubs and associations.
    Lecture duration is usually from 2 to 5 hours, most common subjects include calming signals,
    first aid for dogs and cats, dog's stress, nose work, how dogs learn. 
    Price of lectures vary depending on the duration, materials and location, please get in touch for a quotation.


  • Events
    Fun and useful events for dog clubs, associations or a group of friends. 
    Subjects can include nose work (enrichment for doggies), everyday obedience, tracking, mental stimulation.
    Price varies on the participant numbers, materials and the duration, please get in touch for a quotation.

Training and behaviour consultation


Health care

  • Nail clipping, home grooming (except show dog clip), ear cleaning, assisting in medicating or similar health care procedure.
    Price 30 € / visit (max. 30min.) + km fee 0,50 € / km (from Loviisa).


  • Teaching and training in health care procedures, for example nail clipping, grooming or other similar procedures.


Holiday care

  • AT THE MOMENT WE ARE UNABLE TO TAKE NEW CLIENTS FOR HOLIDAY CARE due to demand from regular customers

  • In home, single occupancy holiday care for dogs, for a day or longer.
    All dogs stay at our home and are involved in normal everyday life.
    Usually there are dogs from one household only to guarantee a stress free holiday.

  • Price 42 € per day per dog, second dog from the same home at half price.

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