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Strangimals was born from the desire to help animals and their owners with the will to share knowledge and improve animal welfare. 
The aim of training is always a happy animal and a happy owner.


I am constantly updating my knowledge and skills and I am committed to the ethical rules of  Animal Trainers of Finland and PDTE (Pet Dog Trainers of Europe).


I started my professional career with animals as a dog trainer in 2003, before which I was involved in TV commercials for which I trained dogs, hens and cows.

As a dog trainer I have planned and run a variety of different courses such as everyday obedience, puppy classes, tracking, enrichment, heelwork to music, walking nicely on a lead, animal first aid.
I have carried out private consultations in problem behaviour solving since 2005. The majority of private consultations have been for dogs, but there have been a few cat customers too. 

I have been teaching on courses for professional dog instructors, behaviour consultants and veterinary nurses.
I have had several different duties during my career with animals, running a doggy day care, keeping a dog equipment store and interpreting Finnish-English-Finnish in dog related lectures, seminars and workshops.

In addition to the animal behaviour skills, I have worked as a veterinary nurse since 2011.

My education in the animal world

Rakkaat Haukut (DOI Dog oriented institute) dog instructor course 2003

Course in dog behaviour and problem solving Turid Rugaas Hunden Hagaskole 2005

Animal Trainer qualified 2011

Veterinary Nurse qualified 2013

I have attended many different lectures, workshops and seminars in Finland and across in Europe and have had the honour to learn from many talented teachers including, Ken Ramirez, Amber Watson, Adee Schoon, Turid Rugaas, David Appleby, Marc Bekoff, Tommy Wiren, Raili Halme, Tuire Kaimio.

I am full member of PDTE (pet Dog Trainers of Europe)
and Animal Trainers of Finland association. 

Animals are not just a profession to me, but but a great passion, love and a way of life. 

       - Emilia Strang -

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